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Art in the Landscape


Faceless Arts is passionate about creativity and nature and their role in our wellbeing.

We recently ran a project called Art Comes Naturally, in partnership with artist James Brunt, which aimed to reconnect children and their families with their local open spaces, helping them express themselves creatively. Participants foraged for natural fallen materials, then arranged them to create temporary artworks in the landscape which were photographed as mementos.

This unique opportunity enabled families and school children to make beautiful art in picturesque natural landscapes, re-introduced them to nearby green spaces, connected them to their neighbours and created an environment where families, children and young people enjoyed spending time together, being creative in the outdoors for FREE.


For more information or to see how we can help you please contact  Charlie at Faceless Arts on 01924 335985.


“Our nation’s children are missing out on the pure joy of connection with each other and their families in the natural world; and as a result, exhibiting a growing inability to assess risks to themselves and others and lack an understanding of the importance of nature to human society in adulthood.”  

National Trust’s “Natural Childhood” report (2012) 

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