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Arts & Heritage Projects

Faceless Arts have a track record for producing high quality community made, Artist assembled art works for heritage projects and exhibitions in a variety of spaces, using local heritage as the focus for the work.


Using a variety of methods, such as silk painting and stained glass effect, Faceless Arts deliver visual arts and creative reminiscence workshops, inspired by heritage themes, to create raw materials for the final artwork. Previous projects include:

Generations - documenting Ferrybridge - one of the last coal fired power stations in a book and artwork in an underpass that joins the two sides of the village of Ferrybridge. Detail on the Ferrybridge project can be found here.


The Great War Inspires which produced 4 wall hangings and was exhibited as part of an exhibition at Pontefract Museum in the first half of 2014 and included audio work and a professionally rendered interpretation panel;


Knottingley Glass which included an archive of local oral histories alongside art work, audio pieces and a website; and the


My Place, My Space, My Future, inspired by WW1 which produced artwork and soundscapes for the communities surrounding Hemsworth, looking at past experience, the present and the communities' hopes for the future. 


Past projects also include Communities in Time, which produced a book alongside large scale art works; Canals Connect and Stories of Movement, Migration and Home, which was funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund.


  • Creates a sense of ownership, identity, belonging

  • Connects neighbouring communities

  • Connects different generations

  • Documents and preserves  past social, industrial and oral histories

  • Provides new skills

  • Celebrates uniqueness of people and place

For more information about our inspirational visual arts and heritage projects, please contact Charlie Wells on 01924 335985   

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