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The Snowmen are the perfect performers for winter events like a Christmas Light Switch On or Lantern Parade
Inspired by concern for the plight of thousands of refugees that are displaced due to war or poverty, and the rise in xenophobic tension, Driftwood uses an outdoor performance and visual arts workshop to explore how communities welcome newcomers and offer sanctuary in our towns and cities
A performance where two athletic Snailathletes recruit Snailathletes from the audience and train them to negotiate… slowly… the most dangerous known obstacles in Snaildom.
Triathon Performance by Faceless Arts

Outdoor Arts

Faceless Arts have 26 years’ experience of making cutting-edge, non-verbal, visual, outdoor arts shows. Having performed throughout the UK and internationally, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and can do so using art as their voice.  Our performances invite audiences to contribute to the story as it unfolds.  In turn, after seeing our work, audiences return home with their own stories to tell.


Our performances use a poetic style of visual theatre with masks, puppets and object manipulation, often with well-chosen soundtracks or live music, creating unique live interactions, for many first time who may be experiencing the arts for the first time and family audiences regardless of age, language, culture or disability.

We have a strong repertoire of performances which can be booked off the shelf and will also consider bespoke projects and commissions.

The Performances


Our Snowmen Family Frosty, Flakey and Funky are probably the only thing as big as Santa in the national Christmas circuit. They are punchy enough to lead parades of thousands of people but loveable enough to have one on one cuddles. Driftwood is a workshop and performance exploring migration and newcomers using a driftwood boat and puppets, The Heron is a towering majestic bird keen to make new friends, Snailympics two Snailathletes racing to a finish line ... slowly! Short Ships helped by the audience the ships use old fashioned charm and nautical naughtiness to regain course, Little Café a charming walkabout, reminiscent of Fawlty Towers, with illusive wine & a flying pizza, Triathon a mesmerising, morphing, living sculpture, moving between spaces, adding live art to public spaces.


  • Brings families together

  • Animates public space

  • Counters “everydayness”

  • Acts as a catalyst for social interaction

  • Creaties access to live performance

  • Access to the arts for all

The Heron professional walkabout performance by Faceless Arts. The Heron peeks into a lady's house in Barlby.
Short Ships Performance by Faceless Arts
Little Cafe Street Performance by Faceless Arts
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