We work with  approximately 40,000 people of all ages, cultures and abilities each year, in the outdoors, on their doorsteps, on playing fields, in parks and shopping centres. We deliver high quality, memorable, creative, cross art form engagement; including creative community engagement programmes, community inspired events and a programme of existing and new workshops. Faceless aims to help communities to feel inspired, connected, energised and proud.

Faceless Arts works to uplift people by inspiring them to access their artistic abilities to celebrate who they are and expand their horizons by:

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Tel. 01924 335985  I  01924 335981  I

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Registered Charity 1102268 Company limited by Guarantee 2975276

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Community Co-created Exhibitions and Installations Faceless Arts have an award winning track record for producing high quality community made, artist assembled art works for exhibitions in a range of spaces including museums libraries, art galleries and shopping centres, using a variety of methods, such as silk painting, wire, clay, and stained glass effect.

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